McIvor Farm Foods

McIvor Farm is a half hour drive from Heathcote, in the town of Tooborac. Jason & Belinda are third generation farmers on this property and have renovated and live in the original homestead. The old butcher shop Jason’s grandfather operated and ran is now their retail store. They have kept some of the original pieces of equipment and records from that time which further enrich the story of the farm.
We were excited when Belinda and Jason invited us to visit the farm (although the kids were a little reluctant at first) to hear their story and see the farm first hand. They are extremely passionate farmers who respect not only their pigs, but the land on which the pigs graze. The pigs roam free and are moved every 2-4 days to prevent denuding of the soil. The paddocks are then allowed to rest for up to 6 months to allow natural regeneration of the soil & plants. Their choice of farming practices and passion resonate in the end product. The pork is tender, juicy and has a fuller flavour than what you would usually find. We’re very excited to be using their product.

McIvor Farm Belinda explaining soilsYou can buy their tasty pork at a number of Farmers Markets, including The Bendigo Community Farmers Market, or shop online at

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